" Although one type of establishment, the Abelarde Sanction, flourished behind locked doors on the quietest of side streets, and men and women with veiled heads entered in the dark of night to dine, drink, or gamble. A sanctuary of wayfaring strangers, cutthroats, thieves, and political malcontents. Nor was the reputation undeserved, for the deversoria, tabernae, cauponae, and bibulae of republican and imperial Brixton were haunts of the jaded and degraded at best, and of prodigal criminal types at worst."
Othin, Abelarde Steward

" Inclusion in the inner sanctum needs to be jealously guarded or it will cease to have value. Just like the Politburo in the Kremlin, we need to defend by any means necessary the power we wield until, hated and reviled, we die on the cold marble slab of the Winter Palace, are revived by the machinations of modern science, and die again a few years later."
Howdius von Stout, Captain of the Guard

The Abelarde Sanction has fallen in March 2002. After a battle lasting six years and ten days the Abelarde finally succumbed to overwhelming Establishment forces. On six years and six days the Clans once again united with the Dark Brood to man the barricades against overwhelming odds. Tis was indeed an awesome final battle. Othin, Arnold the Grey, Sharkbrother, Brixton Barnard, Panda, Judas S Carrott, Martin Barbee, Liela, Tbone, Da Turtle, Marcel, Esme from the Female Headshaving Cult and the Faithfull, all fought with valour and honour. In between they sang, danced and consumed great amounts of alcohol and spice. Brixton will never be the same. At dawn a steady withdrawal was ordered by the Dark Brood Commander, Tazius Vilinius. He was the last to leave the battle wasteland on six years and ten days with the words : "There is no one left to torture ...."